TaxWorks Systems

  • 1040 Tutorial
  • Software Features
    Included in every TaxWorks Professional Package:
    • Computer Detailed Statements
    • Taxpayer Database
    • Diagnostic Report
    • Name, Address & Envelope Labels
    • Auto Fill
    • Depletion
    • Taxpayer Organizers
    • Slip Sheets
    • Integrated Form W-4 For Current Year
    • 2-Year Tax Comparison
    • Client Write-Up Bridge
    • Electronic Mailbox
    • Dated Estimated Tax Reminder Letters
    • Paperless Office Cabinet
    • Preprinted Proforma for Next Year
    • Automatic System Backup
    • Other Included Extras

    Fixed Asset Manager
    The Asset Manager is a powerful tool that will handle all of your fixed asset needs. There are more than 60 methods available to calculate depreciation. Section 179 expenses and special depreciation allowances (Bonus depreciation) calculations are available as well. The necessary federal forms are calculated as well as any adjustment forms for states that do not conform to federal depreciation rules. Detailed vehicle expense entries are available and an auto expense worksheet shows where the vehicle expenses are reported on the tax return. The Asset Manager handles many complex dispositions transactions including like-kind exchanges, group sales, and partial dispositions. Assets are updated from year to year as your clients are rolled forward, so data is entered only once. Real-Time calculations are available on-screen for your review, prior to processing the client.
    Tax Practice Manager
    The Tax Practice Manager includes a client data base, client invoicing and a client instruction letter. The database allows you to pinpoint a specific client or groups of clients with their tax data. Customized lists and correspondence can be developed and printed. The Tax Practice Manager is so convient that labels can be printed or you can print client addresses directly on envelopes if you have a laser printer. Report options are available to track billings, number of returns and type of returns processed to keep your office running at peak performance. You can bill clients by selecting a fee schedule, choose how many pages to print of forms and schedules and print collated sets for your specifications. This allows for complete file management. You can even backup, renumber or delete client data files, and review lists of clients and client data alphabetically or numerically.

    Laser Forms
    Taxworks takes pride in having the best laser graphics on the market with a printout that is a near exact facsimile of the actual tax form it represents. These laser forms are the final professional touch your client will notice.
    Real Time Calculation
    You can select the Flip(F3) option to see any completed form on the screen before printing. The on-screen format is an actual replica of the government form. This allows you to progressively review data while in the preparation process. The audit report notifies you of any potential problems before printing the return.
    Network Compatibility
    If you have a network, all station users may have total system capabilities at the same time--at no extra cost! All workstations may have unique settings.
    Multi-State Processing
    If you do multi-state returns, Taxworks is a must. The CD-ROM gives you access to all state packages. One return can be processed with up to 42 states at one time. Taxes paid in Non-resident states show up as credits on Resident returns.
    Paperless Office
    Save client tax returns in PDF format. Don't print a paper copy to fill your file cabinet. Archive client information using TaxWorks Paperless Office. You can even email returns and organizers!
    And much more...
    With customized detailed Taxpayer Organizers and preprinted proformas; full documentation as well as on-screen help; adjust your clients W-4 and print with just the check of a box. Use Taxworks Multiple Year Analysis to project how your clients income will be taxed in future

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